10c/11c LUTE BY LARS JÖNSSON (2017)

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10c/11c LUTE BY LARS JÖNSSON (2017)

Beitrag von Theorboy » Fr 24. Jan 2020, 10:59

10c/11c LUTE BY LARS JÖNSSON (2017)

The instrument is an enlarged version of the Tieffenbrucker (Vienna C45) with 31 ribs of figured maple with black spacers. The neck, fingerboard and pegbox are veneered with ebony. The lute can also be set up as an 11c baroque lute (indeed Lars often uses this enlarged version of the Tieffenbrucker for his baroque lutes) and so I had him make a second nut for this purpose.
The lute has a superb, strong, and warm tone throughout and really good projection. The spruce top is adorned with an elegant and very complex single rose that Lars had only attempted once before and a decorative snakewood heart. The stopped string length is 64 cm with 9 tied frets on the neck, so it is about as big, powerful and resonant a body type as you can get with this rather short string length, a really great combination of oomph and playability. Excellent action throughout and a very comfortable instrument to play, since the body is very flat and the neck really nice and thin.
This 10c allows ultimate flexibility with regards repertoire: you can play all renaissance repertoire on it, most baroque repertoire in 11c set-up, and indeed both solo and accompaniment roles.
The instrument comes with a custom deluxe case by Victor Vorko.

The instrument is in Paris.

Photos here:

Contact: luthisteATGMAILDOTCOM