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Folgende Anfrage erreichte mich, die ich hiermit gerne weiterleiten möchte:


I hope it is OK to write in English as my German is terrible! I have been looking for a lute maker who makes instruments in the tradition of the early 20th century German lutes, sometimes called 'Wandervogel laute' or 'Gitarrenlaute', although it is a proper lute in my opinion. There are plenty of old instruments around, but it is difficult to find anything about modern makers. As any people who make instruments like these are almost certainly in Germany, I was wondering if you knew of any makers who make instruments like these? I came across one workshop ( but would like to find any more. I have seen instruments by Steffen Gläsel and Gunter Penzel on the internet, but cannot find anything more about these makers.

Any information you have would be greatly appreciated

Vielen dank

Chris Hirst (UK)


Do you know if there has been any research on these kind of lutes? I think it is a very interesting topic and there is evidence that the lute never really died out at all, at least in Germany. Late 18th century mandoras have very similar pegbox designs to the Wandervogel-style lutes and are strung often with 6 or 7 courses, tuned in E like a guitar. From a late 18th century mandora, It is only a small development to add machine pegs, fixed frets and single strings for convenience. People seem to say that the Wandervogel-style lutes are just guitar hybrids but they may well be the result of an unbroken tradition of lute making in Germany. There were still German players using baroque style D minor lutes in the early 19th century - J.A.F. Weiss and Scheidler for example. Yes there must have been few people playing the lute for most of the 19th century, but then Richard Wagner specified a lute in guitar tuning for his opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg in 1868. If there are any articles etc. on anything like this I would be very interested to read them.

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Name: Thomas Schall

Re: Mandora-Wandervogellaute

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I just have spoken with David van Edwards who has enhanced his article about the history of the lute. He also placed a link to my (old) article about the topic in question.