Nachrichten von De Nederlandse Luitvereniging

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Im Café können sich Lautenisten treffen und über Themen jenseits der Laute diskutieren.
In the Café you can meet other fellow lutenists and discuss everything under the sun.
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Nachrichten von De Nederlandse Luitvereniging

Beitrag von alexanderjoseph » So 12. Jul 2009, 22:12

The Dutch Lute Society has been able, after years of talking about it, to publish the famous Thysius Lute book, one of the few preserved Dutch Lute books, compiled at the beginning of the seventeenth century.
It is the world´s most comprehensive Lute book, with more then 500 pages of lute-music and about 900 pieces of all sorts, in French tablature.
It varies from a broad international repertoire to Dutch song-tunes, from pieces that are easy to play to more complicated music.

The Dutch Lute Society is able to sell the book for EUR 98,- (excluding package and mailing costs), but only until the 1st of September!
After that, due to the agreement with the co-editor, the Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands (KVNM), the price will be EUR 140,-, with a reduction for members of 20%.
The publication consist of three hard-backed volumes, held together by a box. Some examples of the music can be seen at the website of the Dutch Lute Society, at which you can also find how to order the book.
(Joost van Poppel)
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