SL Weiss Memorials in Grottkau and Breslau

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SL Weiss Memorials in Grottkau and Breslau

Beitrag von K Holmberg » Mi 5. Aug 2015, 12:53

Dear lutefriends,
My name is Kjell Holmberg. I am an amateur lutenist and a great admirer
of SL Weiss. Planning a trip to Poland in early September I started
looking for information on memorials, museum exibitions or other
activities concerning Weiss near his place of birth. The closest I got
was an article on a festival in Grottkau April 8 a 10 2010 given
partly in honour of Weiss. Possibly a concert with Jacob Lindberg was
planned to take place in Grottkau in september 2007 but did not do so
but instead in nearby Brzeg.
Do you know of any Weiss memorials accessible to the public in or near
Grottkau? I really would appreciate any information on this subject
since it would greately enrichen my journey.
Yours Kjell Holmberg


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