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Verfasst: Mo 2. Jul 2018, 19:23
von Theorboy
The instrument is a very exact copy of the Yale Venere (replete with 16 courses, like the original) and can be strung up as a theorbo in A, as a théorbe de pièces in D, as a double luth, or indeed as an Angélique. It has a superb, strong, and warm tone throughout and good projection. The lute features a stunning bowl of very rare and dense old-growth yew that is in effect a hardwood. The spruce top is adorned with an elegant single rose (that of the Yale instrument) and a decorative bone heart. The neck and peg-box are ebony-veneered, and the necks has cutaway fretsawn floral tracery on its extension. Fingerboard, points and edge binding of ebony. The stopped string length is 74.2 cm with 9 tied frets on the neck, and the long string length is 127cm. Good action throughout and a very comfortable instrument to play. It has played hundreds of concerts all over the world, including my Carnegie Hall première. It is a good friend and I want it to go to a good home.
The sale includes a form-fitted luxury case by Victor Vorko, replete with an extra lightweight blue liner material and an ultra resistant grey PVC exteriors which renders the case far stronger and lighter.
The instrument is strung entirely in gut with very expensive silver-gimped diapasons from Dan Larson.
The instrument is in Paris.
For more information and photos contact: luthiste AT gmail DOT com
Asking Price: €8500